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Kingdom Hearts 2020 REVEALED! - Tinker's Community

Kingdom Hearts 2020 REVEALED!

2 years ago

As you may be aware, Square Enix announced that there would be a new Kingdom Hearts title releasing this year to all consoles due to a leak that prompted them to release this information earlier than anticipated. In an interview, Square Enix announced that they intended the game to be released in April, but it was pushed back due to unprecedented circumstances.

The trailer of the game can be seen here and it is confirmed that the new game is a RHYTHM based game. If you didn’t like Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 2, I highly doubt you’ll enjoy this game.

According to the screen-caps and video trailer of the game play, it appears that you will be able to travel with friends from all the previous games as Sora with various crew members (featuring Sora & Riku; Sora, Riku, & Donald, and so forth) to visit old memories, including a very depressing memory from Kingdom Hearts 358/2’s ending sequence, which was a tear jerker regardless if you played the game or not. At least we’ll have updated clips from that scene *sniff*.

Additionally, the trailer showed new clips for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, which included and officially confirmed a play card, style format which is vaguely familiar from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.

The current games being released is interesting, due to the fact Square Enix is attempting to capitalize on what is highly-debated the worst aspects of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Many fans are renowned with despising the music melody of Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts II, and fans find their selves watching cut-scenes in lieu of playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories due to the card format of the game. Additionally, thousands of fans have ceased playing Kingdom Hearts Union X due to the filler episodes until hundreds of missions later.

Regardless, here at Tinker’s Community, we are VERY excited to play these games and both see previous games as a music melody format, and see exactly what turned Master Xehanort into a seeker of darkness.

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