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Tink3r Interviews: Katkwo ! - Tinker's Community

Tink3r Interviews: Katkwo !

2 years ago

Today’s interview features a fairly prominent professional coslayer, KatKwo! KatKwo is a US based cosplayer that can be found on Facebook and Instagram as @Katkwo4. Her TikTok can also be found at @katkwo. Support Katkwo and stay updated on her future activities on any of her social media sites, or her website, https://katkwo.com/

Q: So Katkwo, what got you to start cosplaying?

Katkwo: “…seeing a variety of wonderful cosplays triggered my interest into cosplaying myself! I was an introverted teenager who did not have a high self-esteem. However, cosplaying and meeting fellow cosplayers boost my self confidence and ( help me) [realize] I am also an extrovert as well.”

Q: That’s so cool! Do you consider yourself a full-time cosplayer?

Katkwo: “I would say I am a part time cosplayer. Cosplay can be financially draining, especially out of state travel (hotel and flights). I try to attend as many local conventions as possible and venture out to further and bigger conventions when I can manage the time and cost.”

Q: Very interesting. What is your personal goal as a cosplayer?

Katkwo: “I’ll be starting to guest at big conventions, so that is one of my goals I’m close to accomplishing. I am also planning on attending… bigger conventions and even out of the country ones if possible.”

Q: That is great to hear! Congratulations! Now, regarding newbies, what are some tips you would give to beginning cosplayers?

Katkwo: “Don’t be afraid to start of cosplaying in a small local convention. You don’t have to be creative and crafty to be a cosplayer. There are many affordable options online to purchase a costume and wig.

If you can find a friend to travel and attend conventions, that’d be a huge bonus. I find it super helpful to have someone help take pictures with a camera and double check my costume during the conventions. Knowing a buddy there also makes me less anxious in a middle of a crowd.”

Q: Those are some fantastic tips. On the flip side of this, what should you avoid as a beginning cosplayer?

Katkwo: “Avoid thinking low or less of yourself as a cosplaying if you are unable to craft your own costumes. There seems to be a divide between those who makes their own costumes verse(s) those who buy costumes. Everyone cosplays for a different purpose and we should not judge one another.”

Q: We here at Tinker’s Caravan feel the same way; no one should be judged based on if they make or buy their own cosplays. Speaking of which, do you personally enjoy buying cosplays or making your own?

Katkwo: “I do not have a preference, I believe that it is no place for us to judge. Some enjoy the process of creating their own costume and some do not. Everyone has a different skill set and we should not judge one another.”

Q: Agreed. On a similar note, let’s talk hair; do you use wigs or prefer to modify your hair to fit the character on hand?

Katkwo: “Even though after a long day of convention my head hurts from wearing the wig cap and wig, I would still prefer wearing wigs for cosplay. Wigs really enhance the look and vibe of the cosplay character.”

Q: Good to know! What tips do you recommend to cosplayers during this time of self-isolation and quarantine?

Katkwo: “During quarantine the conventions are cancelled or rescheduled, so I am using this off time to rejuvenate myself. I am taking this time to relax and self care. I am also planning and arranging my next cosplay for next convention at Colossalcon East!”

Q: Staying busy I see! Speaking of conventions, what was your first one?

Katkwo: “I first cosplayed March of 2019 at Lexington Comic Con, dressed up as Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa. And I have been cosplaying and loving it ever since!

Q: That’s a great way to start cosplaying! Tell us more about your Junko cosplay.

Katkwo: “I would say (it’s) my least expensive cosplay project…”

Q: Cost-efficient cosplays are always a good thing! Staying on this topic, what’s your most recent cosplay?

Katkwo: “My most recent cosplay was Bewitching Miss Fortune from League of Legends. Luckily I had the opportunity to cosplay her right before the quarantine started, at PAX East Feburuary 2020.”

Q: PAX East sounds amazing! Do you cosplay anywhere else? Possibly to do photo shoots?

Katkwo: “I only cosplay during conventions. I still do not have the courage to wear cosplay in other public places other than conventions. However, I do find myself wearing more make up on other (occasions). Mostly because I have now feel more confident in my make up skills. I have started doing photo shoots at conventions. I find photo shoots help reminiscence of the time and sharing with others.”

Q: One more question — Could you see yourself actively cosplaying 5-10 years from now?

Katkwo: “I do see myself cosplaying in the next 5-10 years. Again, I feel like there should be a no judgement zone for the cosplay community. I give props for those who cosplay in public; it can be intimidating!”

Support Katkwo on any and all of her social media! She is very sweet and we are excited to watch her succeed in all aspects!

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