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New Death Note One-Shot Released in February 2020 - Tinker's Community

New Death Note One-Shot Released in February 2020

2 years ago
The new protagonist alongside our classic Shinigami, Ryuk.

Did you know that there was a brand new canonical story released in the world of Death Note, just earlier this month? Not only that, but you can read it only for free on the official Shonen Jump website. This new one-shot follows an entirely new protagonist, adds a new rule to our beloved murder book, includes more Shinigami, and scenes with Ryuk.

If you’re looking for comedy, it even features an American president that shares very similar traits to America’s Donald Trump. If you’re looking for more of a conveluted, murderous novel, you are going to be disappointed, however, if you wish to see where some classic Death Note characters are after the intense ending, you will be delighted with these appearances. Additionally, this book entirely flips Kira’s legacy on its head.

To avoid spoiling anything (trust me, none of these are spoilers), just go ahead and read it for yourself. Stay tuned to read our spoiled ridden review of this one-shot!

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